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Entering its fourth year, The Flintridge Prep Father's Club Internship & Career Windows Program is a successful parent and alumni-powered initiative that provides college-age Flintridge Prep alumni opportunities to gain work experience and be exposed to a variety of professional fields. Students are able to build career networking opportunities and become part of a talent pipeline within the Prep family. Both intern and host are expected to be fully invested and engaged in ensuring that the opportunity is a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience.

Traditional Internship Program (Usually Paid): Hosts provide interns a traditional summer work experience. We welcome internships from established company programs or custom internships developed in support of this Prep Fathers Club initiative. The internship should involve a position and tasks where both the student and the host organization realize benefit. The Prep Fathers Club will help bring together interested college students with internship offerings. The duration, job functions and compensation will vary according to employer goals and circumstances. Internships can be offered across a broad range of career fields and locations. Hosts are provided with guidance and information to assist in forming and executing high-value internships.

Career Windows Program (Unpaid): Hosts will provide the intern a one- to three-week workplace experience focused on a series of work assignments and experiences (real-world or hypothetical). These programs can be flexible, allowing the intern to be exposed to the general work environment, culture and job functions in a given field. The Prep Fathers Club will bring together interested Prep alumni with Career Windows offerings across a range of career fields. The Fathers Club Intern Program volunteers will provide information, example templates and will work with you to develop a meaningful Career Windows internship. Every effort will be made to make execution of the Career Windows experience easy, interesting, and beneficial for the student and the host.

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Guidelines & Policies

Host Guidelines

As a sponsor of the program, it is the host's role to provide the structure, goals and work experience for the intern. It is the host's role to 'shepherd' the process and ensure that the goals and expectations of the intern and host are mutually satisfied.

The following guidelines are intended to provide a framework for the host's program.

Create a job description that outlines the expectations and objectives of the internship.
  • The description provides a framework for interns to learn about your field/industry and affirms the value of the work they will do. Having specific projects for interns to complete is an excellent way for students to develop career-related competencies while contributing to your organization.
Connect the internship experience to learning.
  • The internship should provide the intern with an opportunity to develop career-related skills and competencies. These competencies should be transferable to other organizations or even other industries in order to foster the intern's career development. Interns want to learn about organizational structure, engage with a variety of professionals, and receive insight into pertinent topics. Clear communication is important for interns to learn about your organization, field, and the world of work.
Designate a supervisor/professional mentor for your intern.
  • Supervision is the foundation for a successful internship. Setting clear expectations, engaging in regular follow-up and providing feedback are essential components of a great internship experience for both intern and host/employer. Due to the educational nature of internships, employers provide a greater level of supervision to interns than to employees.

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Guidelines & Policies

Alumni Guidelines

As the intern, congratulations are in order! You now have the opportunity to participate in a real work experience, made possible by members of your Prep Family. This is unique in that you will be working with individuals whom you may already know or to whom you are at least connected by a degree of separation. As such, you are representing the Prep community and its reputation.

The following guidelines can serve as a set of expectations for you during your internship.

Read and follow the policies of the employer manual or handbook.
  • Follow the employer dress code and the mentor's expectations for professionalism.
Be on time and dependable.
  • Stay beyond the stated work day if requested. Interns should attend every day unless they are ill or have an emergency. Provide adequate advance notice of any time off, in keeping with the employer's policies.
Take the initiative.
  • In asking questions, searching out resources, inviting feedback, and creating opportunities to learn. If intern candidates are confused or want to know why their mentor does something a certain way, they should not be afraid to ask lots of questions.
Meet Project Deadlines.
  • Communicate concerns and impediments to progress as they occur.
Be flexible!
  • Plans, projects and programs may change. Embrace change - and be prepared to assist where needed.

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  • “Thank you for the chance to host a Prep alumni intern this summer.”

    He was a wonderful addition to our team. The best part is that not only were our engineers able to mentor the intern, but our intern also ended up mentoring many of us in the process. We learned much from his time at Blacoh, and he was an integral part of some key engineering projects. He has a big zest for life and a true passion for learning and making a difference; it was a great thing to see in action! We so appreciate the opportunity to interact with Flintridge and your students in this capacity.

    Siobahn Carragher | Global Organizational Health Manager | Blacoh Industries
  • “I must tell you that the Prep alumni were FANTASTIC interns this summer!”

    Both exhibited extraordinary leadership, intellectual curiosity and incredible energy at our organization this Summer - ALL incredibly valuable traits at DineEquity! As always, I am sad that the time is nearing an end but so very happy and fortunate to have spent the last ten weeks with such formidable and engaging young women.

    Kymberly Garrett, MBA | Talent Acquisition Consultant | DineEquity, Inc.

Please contact Prep Fathers Club representatives David Hitchcock – dhitchcock@buchalter.com, or Cathy Heflin – cathyheflin@gmail.com if you have any general questions about the program.

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